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In 2020, a big percentage of the workforce all around the world lost their jobs due to the pandemic and implementation of community quarantine. Nobody saw this coming so most businesses had to let go of their employees that didn’t have emergency savings.

As breadwinners and workers are trying to bounce back and move on from the COVID-19-plagued 2020, one of the most important factors that has to cross our minds in 2021 is our financial health.

As the pandemic showed many of us, living without a long-term financial plan is not a viable option when it comes to surviving emergencies. One of the key aspects of attaining financial wellness and security is becoming debt-free.

Whether you get your salary on a daily basis, twice a month, or lump sum, Bridge Access can help you in this aspect.

Our partner, Bridge Access helps members become debt-free through three ways:

  • Access Stash lets members build up their savings over a period of time. Depending on market performance, they can also grow said savings for up to 5%;
  • Access Protection offers members with low-cost prepaid life, accident, and health options that help cover high medical costs;
  • Access Ready Credit gives members access to low interest salary loan options. Through this, we look to help members answer their financial needs while helping them avoid usurious interest rates.

Payroll processing is one of the most time-consuming tasks that HR has to do. However, by outsourcing your payroll with PayDay, you allow your HR to spend less of their time on payroll processing and let them focus more on providing the financial solutions that they deserve. PayDay is an accurate, on-time, secure payroll solution that combines the benefits of powerful software and certified payroll partners.

By focusing more on activities with Access, such as hosting on boarding sessions, scheduling location visits, or helping send out email blasts to employees who don’t have an account yet, HR is helping their employees be more aware of the financial benefits of the Access platform. If they are aware of the benefits, then the employees are more likely to avail of them. This in turn will help their financial growth in the long run.

To know more about PayDay, send an email to

For any inquiries on Access, email us at or chat with us at

Access is a benefits platform focused on providing automated financial solutions to its corporate and community partners

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