How My Access Savings Helped Me During COVID-19

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My name is Josef Paul Oira. I am 25 years old and I have been working as a Full-Stack Developer for IDC Manpower Services for almost two years now. Since the pandemic started, its impact was huge for most of us. Everyone was struggling emotionally and financially since there was a lot of changes in our community even up to this time. It is difficult to make an adjustment especially when are you used to the lifestyle that we had before the pandemic.

We all know that there was a lot of people who lost their jobs. Luckily, I am one of those people who are still employed despite this crisis that we are facing. My family was really affected too, so I was the only one who can support them financially. I had to make changes in my budget because I had to prioritize our monthly bills and our other urgent needs. It made me realize that when everything is unsure, we always need to be prepared.

I was grateful that I still had my savings with Access because it helped me to get through the financial struggles that I had before. It was such a relief knowing that you have a savings fund that you can use for emergencies especially during this time when you have no idea on what might happen in the next months.

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