“I am Rolly Glorioso and I am 43 years old with two beautiful children. I work as a Transport Operator in QuadX for a year now and I can say that despite of the pandemic happened, I am blessed since I am able to keep my job. My company continued their operations despite the ECQ hence, I did not have any challenges with my financial income.

My wife is currently based in Japan while I am here in the Philippines with our children. I know for a fact that it is really difficult being away with your family which is why I am really working hard so that we can be together someday. I am grateful that my wife and I work together to provide our family’s needs and for our children’s future. However, there are some instances that we cannot avoid and we will need help especially in terms of finances. I remember that time when we really need a financial assistance for our expenses and thankfully, Access was there to help. I can really say that Access helped me to save and to manage my finances so that my family can be financially prepared for any circumstances.”

- Rolly Glorioso,
Transport Operator, QuadX