“I am Justine Roxas from Eat, Drink and Innovate Inc. and I am working as a line cook for almost 3 years now. Being in a restaurant industry is really a struggle during this point of time because of our current situation. I can still remember that time when we stopped our operations last year because of the ECQ. I had no source of income, but we were still grateful because my wife was able to keep her job and somehow, we survived by adjusting financially. It was difficult at first but as we get by, we were able to manage the changes.

Thankfully, our operations are slowly getting back to normal but still, we need to be financially prepared for the circumstances especially that we are expecting our second child this year. Being the head of the family, it is my responsibility to secure their needs especially in this time of pandemic. I am grateful that I have the opportunity with Access for a financial help. With this kind of assistance, I can say that we are ready and excited to welcome the newest addition of our family. “

- Justine Roxas, Line Cook
Eat, Drink and Innovate Inc.