“I am Judy Perjes and I am 46 years old. I am married with three children and I work as a transport operator in QuadX. Ever since the pandemic started, I can see how people suffer for all the things that are happening. Some people lost their businesses, some people lost their jobs and even their loved ones. It is frightening to see how things are becoming worse each day knowing that our tomorrows are unsure and for that, I am scared of my children’s future.

Being financially secure is very important these days especially when you have a family. As the head of the household, I make sure that I am able to provide the things that they need especially the education of my children. As they say, education is a one precious gift that you can give to your children. Having said that, I have to give them security and protection so we can survive adversity despite the pandemic. My employment in QuadX plays a big role in doing my responsibilities as a father. They even gave us opportunity with Access who can give me a financial assistance so I can support the education of my children. “

- Perjes, Judy, Transport Operator,

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