Getting Access Secure Is Easy

Since launching, Access has grown to over 40 corporate partners and almost 14,000 employees! While this is great, we want to be able to serve more companies and employees to help them achieve financial liquidity and become Access Secure.

The goal of Access has always been the same: to help employees achieve financial growth and wellness. Currently, we do this through 4 core products: Short Term savings, Long Term savings, Salary Loans and Protection.

The Salary Loans Program offers users loans with low interest that helps them save in the long run.

The Investment Program, on the other hand, lets users earn as much as 5% of their credits over a nine- or 12-month period depending on market performance. You may read more about this in our previous article.

As of this writing, we are also looking to launch very soon a Protection Program that offers users low-cost protection options.

All three products also offer users the convenience of a fully-automated application process and payment through salary deduction.

The process to get on Access is an easy one! To illustrate:

It takes as quick as five days for a new company to get Access Ready! To keep the company’s employees engaged and informed, we create and send out emailers that contain different topics such as platform updates, new products, promo announcements.

Let us know if you are looking for a financial benefits partner for your company and feel that Access can be that partner, or if you would like to get to know more about the platform. You may reach us at and we can easily schedule a meeting for you.

Access is a benefits platform focused on providing automated financial solutions to its corporate and community partners

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