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Hi! My name is Mark Peter Marabe, 31 years old, single from Camarines Norte. I have been a logistic driver of Moneybees Forex Corporation for almost 6 years. I am the bread winner in the family.

I had some financial problems recently when I needed extra money for the medication of my mother for her hemorrhoid. The doctor advised her to take some medication and possibly surgery if the problem persisted. During this period, I availed of the financial benefits in Access such as the salary loan. This enabled me to be prepared to help my mother with her medical needs and for this I am very grateful. The process was easy, quick, and efficient. The proceeds were conveniently deposited directly into my bank account.

Thank you Access because through your salary loan benefits, I now have available funds for the medication and surgery of my mother. I hope you can help more employees who are in the same situation as me. God bless and more power!



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