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Hi! I’m Mc Donald Relon, 36 years old, I’m married and have two kids. I’m working at SGS Asia Pacific Manila for almost 15 years now as a Graphic Artist. I enjoy working with SGS and I love my job. My salary is sufficient for my family’s needs and I can even set aside some funds for our savings. Recently, we experienced a family emergency when my brother had an accident and needed a huge amount of money for his operation. As a brother, I did not hesitate to help as much as I could, my wife and I decided to use our savings for his medication. Without our savings, I still wanted to be able to pay for my daughters’ school this year. I decided to apply for a salary loan with Bridge Access and they did not fail me to provide the financial assistance I needed quickly. Thanks a lot Bridge Access hope you can help more employees who are in need in times of emergency.

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