Access Helps Me Provide for My Family

My name is Kris Yumul, 34 years old and I work as a Warehouse Officer for Gourmet Solutions Inc. I have a wife and I have three children. I started working in the company four years ago as a Production Assistant.

One of the reasons on why I stayed in the company for that long is because of the management. I love how they value the welfare of their employees. From helping to build our own careers to giving us financial opportunities, their support has been a huge help for most of us.

As the main provider of the family, I always make sure that their needs are provided and secured. Thankfully, our company has given us financial benefits that we can go to. There was even a time that I applied for a loan through Access because I wanted to make sure that we have extra funds for my wife’s delivery. It was really a relief knowing that there is a platform like Access that can help you in so many ways especially in times of need.

My family has been my inspiration since Day 1, which is why I know that I will overcome whatever challenge I might encounter in the future. I want nothing but the best for my family and I will do anything just to ensure that my children will have a better future. I realized that having a family gives you the courage to always give your 100% in everything that you do. They give me purpose to achieve my dreams in life, not only for myself but also for my family. I may not be a perfect father nor a perfect person, but for my family, they will always have the best in me.

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