Access Helps Me Plan for My Future Early

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I am Angelica Baguhin and I am 21 years old. I am working as a barista for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. CBTL is known as one of the biggest companies around the world and as fresh graduate, I want to start my journey in a company who helps their employees to build their future. I am so grateful to be a part of an industry that offers wonderful opportunities to their workers especially in terms of financial growth.

As a young adult, I want to have my own savings so I can secure my future. But since I carelessly spend my money, I realized that I need help in doing it. Thus, I decided to save with Access. With the help of Access, saving became an automatic part of my payroll and gives me a feeling of comfort. It’s not only that my money grows, but it also gives me a feeling of relief that in case of unexpected events, I am ready.

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Access is a benefits platform focused on providing automated financial solutions to its corporate and community partners

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