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Never have people been more aware of the importance of saving than during this pandemic. With a current unemployment rate of 10% as of July 2020, setting aside funds for a rainy day is top of mind for many, though sometimes, being a top of mind concern isn’t enough. With spending being as easy as a few clicks on your phone without ever having to leave the home, even someone with discipline and self control will find saving difficult.

An Easy Way to Save at Low Cost

Access is a platform focused on providing alternative financial solutions to its corporate and community partners. …

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My name is Jayvee Velasco, and I am 28 years old. I am married and we have a seven-year old child. I have been working as a Warehouse Assistant for The Table Group, Inc. for a year now. It has been a tough battle for our family for the past months.

We all know that it is not easy to deal with this health crisis because it affects almost everything. During the ECQ, our work operations were suspended so I had no source of income except from the small business that we put up before the quarantine. …

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In a previous article, we discussed the new-look dashboard of Access. Now, let us share with you two more updates to our platform!

The New Access HO

Ever since Access was launched, the URL that users have had to use to log into their accounts was bridgeaccess.life. Now that Access is growing, we’ve had to make some changes. This URL will now take you to the new Access HO which serves as a summary of what Access has to offer.

User log in has been separated into two: Corporate (more on this below) and Community (coming soon). This separation stems from the growth of the number of Access users and the need to differentiate between users from corporate, and community partners. …

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